Fit and Fed

Fit and Fed
What is the Fit and Fed Campaign?
Fit and Fed is a response to demand from the existing StreetGames' network and a growing body of research on the triple inequalities of holiday hunger, isolation, and inactivity.

Using a decade of experience, StreetGames; a charity set up to change peoples lives through sport,  developed a programme to that would tackle these inequalities that children in poor neighbourhoods face during the school holidays.  As a result, StreetGames engaged with government, the devolved administrations, academics, retailers, corporates, food charities, the Church of England, and community food providers.


The Coca-Cola Foundation supported the charity in the organisation of the Fit and Fed Campaign and the th integration of surplus food the campaign.

In 2017, with the support of StreetGames and Newcastle City Council, we were able to secure funding to deliver a 5 week programme during the summer holidays in the Walker and Walkergate areas of Newcastle.  We were able to draw upon our experience of already running holiday camps and the existing relationships we had with the schools these areas of Newcastle.  In addition to helping secure funding, StreetGames provide advice on how to structure the provision and engage with the families that really needed this support during the Summer holidays.
Last year was the pilot, this year we aim to work with we are currently working with NEAT (Newcastle East Mixed Academy Trust) in order to provide more provision for children and families that need the support during the summer holidays.
As a result of our engagement with StreetGames, the Newcastle PE and School Sport Service was  awarded the StreetGames Mark. 
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